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"Graces will continue to flow from my home in Conyers.  I do not leave you.   I remain with you.  My children should know that my Son and I are not leaving this place, but will remain here.   Come in faith and pray."

The Blessed Mother at Conyers, GA, October 13, 1993
"To Bear Witness that I AM the LIVING SON OF GOD"
Volume III, 1996, forward

To date The Archdiocese of Atlanta has not investigated the reported events at Conyers.  The reported apparitions at Conyers have not been condemned by The Church.

In 1991, Archbishop James Lyke established a policy that was neutral and that policy remains today.  "Leave them alone, for if this plan and work of theirs is a man-made thing, it will disappear, but if it comes from God you cannot possibly defeat them."

The next archbishop, John Donoghue, and the current archbishop, Wilton Gregory, have not changed the policy or begun an investigation.

An Eastern Rite Catholic Church has been built adjacent to the site.


We knew very little about this place prior to our first visit in July, 2004.  We knew only that The Blessed Mother had reportedly appeared in Conyers, that a shrine still existed and it was open to the public.  After that first day we needed an explanation of what had happened to us.  Did other people experience gold dust?  Did other people smell roses as we had?  What were the messages that were given there?  We found no information about that at the site.  There was no one there to ask.  Could our experience be explained by the messages?

When we returned home, we tried to find books on the events in Conyers.  After an extensive search of out-of-print book sources, we offer to you, for your discernment, the results of our research.
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